Fertilization is one of the most important factors for yields increasing and also an integral part of the care for crops as a whole.

The use of fertilizers leads to recovery and enrichment of soil resources.

It’s necessary because of the extraction of important plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and others, which happens with the harvest. It is therefore necessary to rebuild these chemicals by applying phosphates, nitrates, potassium salts, etc.

Evrofermer Ltd. fully shares the need of appropriate fertilizers use in order to ensure higher yields and quality production. With care for our customers crops, we offer a wide range of high quality fertilizer not only from the plants in Devnya and Dimitrovgrad but also from world's leading companies.

EvroFermer’s liquid fertilizers are the latest generation of innovative products, providing solutions for agriculture, which has to be ever so technological, productive and resistant. The plant recognizes our products as a part of its own metabolism, which makes them extremely effective! Our fertilizers are water-soluble, getting digested by the plants at a 100% and the process doesn’t depend on the environment because of the MCT – molecular chelation technology – chelates are chemicals, which form water-soluble complexes with certain metal ions.

Through the inhibition of ions, chelates stop them from reacting with other elements or ions, preventing the formation of sediments and sludge and clogging of the nozzles of drip systems.

This chelation does not only prevent the products with a large number of compositions to react with each other, but also creates products, which dramatically increase the gains for the plant, with no regards of the differences in pH of the soil and weather conditions on the field.

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